Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my NDIS funding?

As a NDIS Registered Provider; Funlife have a few services that your NDIS funds will cover. These include Exercise Physiology, Hydrotherapy, Assisted Therapy and Group Services.

What do you need from me, so I can start using my NDIS funds at Funlife?

We will need you to provide us with your NDIS Number, Plan Start Date, Plan End/Review Date, how your plan is managed and your NDIS Goals. Once we have these details, we can book you in for your Initial Assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists.

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, we need it in writing. This can be done by coming into our centre and filling it out a form or by sending us an email with your details and reason for cancellation. If you send us an email to cancel your membership, ensure that you receive a confirmation from us, that your membership has been cancelled.

What happens if I need to take some time off?

If you need to take some time off, you will need to let us know beforehand. Funlife can suspend your Direct Debit membership for up to 3 weeks. Anything longer than that – we require you to cancel your membership. If you have to cancel it; you will not have to pay another sign-up fee or access tag fee, providing that you keep the one you have.

Can I have a free trial?

Funlife offer a complimentary visit, allowing you to try out any of our facilities, for free. After your complimentary visit, you can purchase an access tag for $20 and receive a 1-week free trial. From here you can then decide which membership would suit you best – voiding the $20 tag fee upon signing up.

What sort of access do I have, if I am a Fitness Passport member?

Fitness Passport members have unlimited Full Club access! You will need to provide us with your Fitness Passport Card, so we can link it to your profile, on our system.

How do I book a class?

At Funlife, booking in for classes is essential. This can be done by calling us to book or you can download the Gym Master Member Portal App. Once you have downloaded the app, click ‘Get my Login.’ Enter the email address you have provided to Funlife and click ‘Send Login Details.’ This will send you an email with a link; click the link to create your login details. As soon as you have created your account, go back to the app and click ‘Click to Login,’ enter your email and the password you just created followed by ‘Log In.’ Once this has been set up, you can book into, cancel and view classes for the week.