Personal Training

11 Roopena Street, Ingle Farm, Adelaide

Do you want to achieve your goals? Feel the burn and get the body you’ve always wanted with personal training! Our personal trainers are passionate, highly qualified fitness professionals with many years of experience.

At Funlife Fitness Centre, we have a team of personal trainers who are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their personal goals, gain confidence and increase fitness. Our personal trainers specialise in a variety of training types; from gym floor work, functional training or in the water – we’ve got someone to suit everyone. 

5 Reasons To Do Personal Training

  1. If what you are doing is not getting results
  2. If you haven’t exercised recently or are new to exercise
  3. If you want to challenge yourself
  4. If you need diet or training support
  5. If you have followed a program before and not achieved your goals

Get Started with Personal Training!

  • 1 Induction: $49.00 (1 hour with a trainer – includes a program for you to follow)
  • 1 Session: $40.00
  • 5 Sessions: $180.00
  • 10 Sessions:  $330.00
  • 1 Induction, 1 Program & 3 PT Sessions: $149.00

Personal training session duration is 30 minutes.


Meet Your Personal Trainers


What can you expect from personal training?

It’s a fact, more people get better results when they participate in personal training sessions compared to going it alone.

Having the right education will enable you to put in to practice the correct training sessions for life long training and make diet decisions that will benefit your health for now and in the future.

Extremely important. Having the correct technique will prevent injury, maximise your training and give you the confidence to work out with and without your trainer.

Having a support network can be the difference between success and failure. Support people encourage and motivate you to do well even when it gets tough.

Without accountability its easy to become complacent  therefore not achieving what is really important to you..

Ability to maximise training time
Time is precious. When training it’s not about the quantity it’s about regularity and quality. You can achieve amazing things in a small amount of time, just ask your trainer how!

Testimonial from Jane Woodward

The 1st Saturday in January 2016, I was looking for a class to take over from what I had been doing in 2015. Piloxing at Funlife Fitness Centre, intrigued me. That’s how my story begins.

Over the next few months, I noticed my clothes getting bigger and bigger on me. In October 2016, when I weighed myself, I had lost 13kgs! 

My passion for more classes continued… adding Hi-Low, Powerbar, Step, Fat Burner, HIIT, Not Just Pilates, Bootcamps and Pilates or anything else I could possibly fit in.

Basically, if I wasn’t at work.. I was at the gym.

By mid 2017, I had lost over 20kgs. Not only was I happy with these results, but the friends I have made along the way, I call my “Gym Family,” participants & instructors alike.

Testimonial from Kirsti Oliver

Kirsti Oliver, Funlife Fitness, Ingle Farm, Adelaide

Kirsti Oliver

I have been a Funlife member on and off for the past 10 years.  I have always attended the gym on a regular basis partaking in classes and believed I was working hard.

After the birth of my son (now 4) I could not get back into shape or lose those extra kilos that had crept on during pregnancy and post baby days.  I was making the claim “But Im exercising and eating right but not getting any results”

About 12 months ago a Personal Trainer approached me and I was asked “What do you want to achieve?” Well that was the question that began my journey of personal training sessions, diet adjustments and a gym program, which I had never done before.  Without personal training I would not have achieved the fitness or weight loss goals I have now reached.  You don’t realise your own potential until you have trained with a personal trainer.  Personal Training encourages me to constantly challenge myself and when I reach my goals I have the inspiration and the self confidence make new goals and keep improving.

I believe the personal training sessions have been the key to me achieving my results and have taught me how to train harder and smarter which gives me the training tools I need to maintain my fitness long term.

Without the support of the Funlife Fitness Centre during the 10 Week Challenge and my regular personal training sessions with Tyson my body shape would not have transformed to the size I am today and I am now fitter and stronger that I was in my 20’s.