Phone for Fitness: Apps to Keep You Fit!

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Phone for Fitness: Apps to Keep You Fit!

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Our phones are an immense part of so many aspects of our daily lives – so why not also utilise that app store to benefit your fitness journey? Nowadays, there are so many health and wellness apps available. All the way from workout videos to yoga – you really ought to expand your horizons! That little screen can do so much more than just keep you in touch with your friends. 

There are so many options to choose from – so here are some of our top picks. 


1. Strava



If you’re a runner, walker or cyclist, you’re really missing out if you haven’t downloaded the Strava app. It’s like instagram of the fitness world: you can add all your friends and keep up to date with their daily runs, walks or cycles. You can share your journey on a map, showing your kms, time, heart rate, etc. These activities can be loaded straight from your wearable fitness devices and onto the app. Even if you don’t own a fitness tracker, you can easily track your activities with GPS on the phone itself. It’ll help you see your progress, track your weekly kms and spy on your friends (you might even find some new trails to walk!) Strava has even more features when you log on whilst on your computer desktop, including a weekly training plan. For even more out of the app, you can pay a yearly subscription for features like beacon (which shows family and friends your whereabouts on a run/walk to keep you safe) and more in depth pace, heart rate and effort analysis. But, there are not crucial to get the most out of the app. It has everything you need in the free version to really change how you train! Check it out here.

 2. Nike Training

If exploring the outdoors isn’t particularly your thing – and you’d rather be smashing your workouts in the gym – downloading the Nike Training app might just be the shake up you need! This free app gives you a large selection of workout videos and guides, some even run by your favourite sporting superstars and celebrities (Serena Williams to Ellie Golding to Cristiano Renaldo!) They range from 5 minute to 47 minute workouts and cover all areas of strength, endurance, mobility and even add in some yoga. The workouts consist of all types of movements and exercises that can be done in the gym but also at home without equipment. If you’ve been a little bored with training lately, or need some guidance to get going this is the perfect app for you. Get your heart rate up and explore what you can really achieve with Nike Training. Have a look here.

3. Tasty

The tasty app delivers exactly what it sounds like – yummy and delicious recipes, straight to your phone. It’s free, and has a load of recipes that are quick and super easy to do. You can set it to filer vegetarian or vegan recipes, or just explore the whole collection. It includes videos of most recipes, to give you an idea of how to really get going in the kitchen. And while it does contain some naughty and not-very-nice-for-your-fitness-journey recipes, it does contain a whole heap of healthy, quick meals to add some spice to your daily cooking. Check out the website here!


4. Podcasts

While this one doesn’t have direct practicality to your fitness journey, it is a invaluable source of information and interesting details if you like to stay educated! It can help you know more about an incredible range of topics (and not all just fitness stuff). Some podcast favourites are ‘I’ll have another’ by Lindsey Hein for a whole heap of inspirational running stories, ‘No Meat Athlete’ to get your diet on the right track and ‘Rich Roll’ to explore the lives of your favourite athletes. These podcast apps can even give you access to another important tool for well-being: guided meditation. Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton has many beneficial and short guided meditations that can help you wind down at the end of a stressful day. If you don’t have the podcast app/an iphone, you can download an app on android called ‘Player FM’ – it will have everything on there! Get educated with your ears. 


There are obviously plenty more apps to choose from… browse the app store to find a new fitness tool for your journey today! 


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