Why should I take a protein supplement?

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Why should I take a protein supplement?

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What is Whey Protein Supplement and why is it recommended that we incorporate it into your daily diet.

Whey Protein is derived from milk protein. However, unlike milk proteins – whey protein does not contain fat or lactose sugar. Whey protein is the best form of protein to take when using a supplement.  So, whey protein is not only good for building and repairing muscles, it also may extend your life.

The high quality protein that comes from Maxine’s Burn Protein (which is one of the products we stock at Funlife Fitness) makes it a recommended choice for those who need optimal benefits from restricted diets including diabetics, those on weight management diets and even ill patients not able to consume enough protein in their diet to assist with healing.

What are the reasons I should supplement with whey protein?

* To build muscle mass
* To speed recovery time
* Reduce injuries related to working out
* Maintain a healthy and fit body
* reducing your daily calorie intake

Will taking protein make me fat?

No – in fact it may help you if you are trying to lose weight.

You see the amino acids in protein may help keep your blood sugar levels stabile. This is important because it keeps you feeling good all day and stops your craving for food that occurs when your blood sugar level drops.

If your diet is too high in carbohydrates your blood sugar levels go though peaks and valleys. You go from a burst of energy and feeling full to a lull and being hungry. In addition, if you are dieting, getting 17 grams of protein from a protein shake that has only 90 calories is better than getting your protein from a big meal which may have hundreds of calories.

When is the best time to take a protein supplement?

  1. Right after a workout – this is when your body goes into a stage of recovery and growth.
  2. First thing in the morning – because your body has just gone though 8 hours (or however long you sleep for) of not having food – so your protein levels are way down.
  3. Before you go to sleep – this helps prevent the protein breakdown that naturally occurs when we sleep. If you are not trying to build muscle mass then this protein breakdown is fine.
  4. If you’re on the go, pack your Maxine’s Burn Bar or Shake in your bag to avoid making bad food choices or use a meal replacement.


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