Why runners should strength train

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Why runners should strength train

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Runners aren’t exactly famous for racing to the weight room. But not only will lifting actually help improve your lean body mass (so you have less fat weighing you down), it’ll also do three more important things:


1. Knock Seconds Off Your Time
Research shows that a plyometrics (explosive resistance) program can boost your finish time (for a 5K specifically) by three per cent, thanks to a surge in muscle power. Try dumbbell jump squats.


2. Help You Race Smoother, Longer
Heard of “running economy”? It’s akin to how many miles per gallon a car gets. Strength training can improve yours up to eight per cent, meaning you can last longer before pulling off the road.


3. Prevent Sidelining Injuries
Multiple studies reveal that stronger muscles and joints drastically slice the number and severity of injuries. The stronger your body, the less loading force you’re throwing on it when you run.


Source: https://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/womens-health/a/29692090/why-runners-should-strength-train/



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  1. Yes, I completely agree with your post. Not only bodybuilder but racer also need strength training. I am a racer and I hired personal trainer Adelaide a year ago. Strength training improves my lean body mass. I recommend every racer that they must take strength training.

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