Why aren’t I getting results from my training?

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Why aren’t I getting results from my training?

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Do you feel as though your hard work in the gym is not getting you the results you desire, or you feel like you are doing all the right things and the centermetres won’t budge?

You may be going through a plateau in your results. It is important to understand what this is and why it is happening. ‘Plateau’ in its simplest definition is to reach a stable level, period or state. First of all, ask yourself if it is your gym regime that is letting you down, or is it your nutrition or other stress related factors?

If we look closely at the gym regime as the concern, generally, if you are new to working out, you will have great results in the first 4-6 weeks, but now you might find it hard to keep shaking off weight and you may have hit a plateau. This can be apparent even in the regular gym user that has been training for years. This is because your body adapts to exercise just like adapting to learning new things. You need to keep changing your workout regime. There are many factors involved in shocking the body to increase the body’s performance capacity, known as super compensation. Some easy ways to confuse your body is through the amount of resistance you lift, reps, intensity, volume, rest or duration of exercise. It is important to train in all your aerobic capacities to give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your goals.

If you are unsure about how to reach your goals or to better understand plateaus, please approach one of the personal trainers on the gym floor and they will be happy to assist you with your questions and develop a program that will get you back on track.


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