Trying to lose weight and looking for a healthy breakfast?

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Trying to lose weight and looking for a healthy breakfast?

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Are you eating a healthy breakfast? Breakfast is your most important meal of the day so here are a few great Breakfast ideas to try whether you are trying to lose weight or if you are looking for a healthy breakfast option.





 Wholegrain toast with avocado and tomato, 1177 kJ (208cals)

Wholegrain toast, with its low GI, offers nutrients and fibre. The avocado is a terrific source of vitamin E, fibre and good fat and the tomatoes provide antioxidants.


Weet-Bix, banana and reduced-fat milk, 1287 kJ (306cals)

Served with a banana and reduced-fat milk, it’s an easy filling breakfast for adults and the kids.

Muesli with skim milk, 1147 kJ (273cals)

For a quick, nutritious breakfast, it’s hard to beat natural muesli with skim milk. Natural muesli is lower in fat than toasted muesli and is a good source of fibre, good fats and low-GI energy.


Boiled eggs and grain toast, 1125 kJ (267 cals)

This is a great meal to set you up for the morning. Two slices of low-GI grainy bread with two soft-boiled or poached eggs. Eggs are great for protein and other nutrients and will keeps you satisfied until lunchtime.


Fruit salad and yoghurt, 1109 kJ (264 cals)

Fresh fruit and yoghurt is a nutritious, easy-to-digest meal. Served with 200g of low-fat plain yoghurt, one and a half cups of fresh fruit this will also provide you with over 8g of fibre.


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