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  1. Leanne says:

    Hi can you tell me the cost of a casual visit please

    • Funlife Team says:

      Hi Leanne, casual visits into the gym area are $5. A casual class visit is $10. Your first is free though, so come and see how you like it! 🙂

  2. Zara Franklin says:

    Hi I was wondering if you have a price just for the use of your wet area or a casual visit price just for that area

    • Funlife Team says:

      Hi Zara! We unfortunately don’t have casual visits into our pool, but non-members are able to purchase a one week full club pass for $25 for access into the pool and all our other facilities lasting seven days.

  3. Teresa says:

    Do you have yoga classes. Tia

    • Funlife Team says:

      Hi Teresa! We currently aren’t holding any yoga classes – but we do have pilates and veraflow that may be of interest to you! 🙂

  4. Jenny Mackay says:

    Hi, can you please explain to me what the following classes are – Veraflow; Strong 30; HIIT Functional and SFL. Thank you 🙂

    • Funlife Team says:

      Hi Jenny! Strong30 is a fast-paced, non-stop half hour class of whole body conditioning exercises that boosts your cardiovascular system to specifically made music tracks. Veraflow is all about stretching, slow dance, yoga and meditation. HIIT Funcitonal is usually a circuit class (now with less equipment due to COVID) which is a full body strength workout with bursts of cardio. SFL is our strength for life program for over 50s.

  5. Helen Cotton says:

    Hi do you have water exercise class for over 50

    • Funlife Team says:

      Hi Helen! We don’t have aquacise classes specifically for over 50s, but many of the attendees do fit into this age bracket! 🙂 You can attend aquiacise classes with a class pass ($150 for 10 classes, $20 start up fee) or with a membership of $19.95 per week on direct debit (with $29.50 start up fee) for as many classes as you’d like during the week! This $19.95 membership also covers you to swim whenever you’d like, use the spa/sauna and gym facilities. We hope to see you sometime soon!

  6. Carol says:


    Is your Casual visit still at $5 per above comment? I’m also interested on aquacise classes for over 50’s but as you said in your previous response that you don’t have them, how many in this class? Do you teach how to swim on these classes?
    is there a Zumba class for beginners? what day/time?
    What is the strength for life?

    • Funlife Team says:

      Casual Visits are now allocated with passes. These are different depending on what you would like to attend – 10 gym visits for $80, 10 land-classes for $120 or 5 aquacise for $75. Aquacise classes involve exercise in the water to music, and do not include teaching swim ability. All zumba classes would be suitable – have a look at our timetable here: https://funlifefitness.com.au/timetable/weekly-timetable-calendar/#page-content (note that Zumba Gold is a lesser impact version of Zumba as well!). Strength for life is an Over 50’s class, in our group fitness room (people attending must first have a induction $30 for a program, then each class is $7.

  7. Rajan says:

    Is it 24/7 gym

    • Funlife Team says:

      Hi Rajan, we are not a 24/7 gym – however, Monday to Friday we are open 6am – 9pm, Saturday’s 7:30am – 3:30pm and Saunday’s 9am – 1pm 🙂

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