11 Roopena Street, Ingle Farm, Adelaide


Tuesday at 8pm

at Funlife Fitness Centre.



Funlife Fitness Centre Yoga Instructor

Shiobhan West


Shiobhan has been practicing yoga for 8 years now and been a teacher for 5 years. Studying in  Hatha Raja Yoga RYS 200 with the CYS London Teacher Training Group. Her studies have included extensive practise, many workshops and assisting in classes. Shiobhan has enjoyed learning Indian Teachers in Dubai and will continue to learn and develop everyday from practice and her students.

Studies have included different styles of yoga-Ashtanga, Sivananda, Iyengar, Flow, Vinyasa and Tai Chi. Also Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas, Chakras, Relaxation and Meditation Techniques, Philosophical Study of Yogic Texts, Anatomy and Physiology, Specialist Yoganatomy Instruction and with additional tuition in Chi Gung, The Alexander Technique, NLP and nutrition.

Shiobhan has personally experienced the great benefits that can be gained from practicing yoga. Yoga is a complete mind and body workout allowing the breath to connect the two. Using the vinyasa system (flowing from one movement to the next with each breath you take) builds heat and stamina throughout the body causing you to sweat more and burn calories easily. Starting with sun salutions to get your heart going, building muscle tone and flexibility so that the bodies natural ageing timeline slows down, increasing concentration, lung capacity, organ cleansing and a balanced mind. It is a great stress relief, releasing your bodies natural endorphins giving you the lift you need to feel good all day.