S.A.B.A is coming to Funlife – What Are You Made Of?

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S.A.B.A is coming to Funlife – What Are You Made Of?

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What are you made of? We’re not talking about how tough you are – we’re talking about your body!

Want to know about your composition? We’re bringing S.A Body Analysis (S.A.B.A) to Funlife Fitness Centre on the 17th of September – so you can find out!

S.A Body Analysis is a South Australian owned business bringing the newest body scan technology to gyms all over Adelaide. Their portable technology is non-claustrophobic and only requires the client to remove their shoes! From super elite athletes, the aspiring runner, the newbie gym goer to the yoga fanatic, SABA offers something for everyone. They truly believe ‘a body composition analysis scan is an invaluable tool to help you set, monitor and achieve your goals.’

The SABA body scan analyses:

– muscle mass, 
– body fat (% and kg), 
– hydration, 
– symmetry & balance,
– body dimensions, 
– visceral fat, 
– and so much more.

Body scans are useful tools to help identify areas you made need to work on! It can support you by establishing a baseline, ensuring your goals and action plan is tailored to your body, and identifying plateaus before they deter your training.  As they provide detailed fat and muscle distribution data, it can help to evaluate body symmetry and balance – useful for those in rehabilitation!

The scan itself takes less than two minutes! It uses the latest clinical technology: The InBody 570 which uses Direct Segmental Measurement Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA). The system utilises impedance of the body – referring the resistance of electrical currents. Don’t worry, these are very minor currents which are entirely safe! This technology is super high precision, as they use both low and high frequencies simultaneously. Their body scanner has reliability proven in numerous research articles. You can learn more about that here!

So what results do you get?

A SABA body scan report is full of numerous bodily statistics. You will learn about your total body water, lean mass, fat mass, protein, minerals, BMI, body fat percentage, comparison of muscles in right/left legs and arms and a total InBody Score. A sample report is shown below:

SABA Body Scans at Funlife will cost you only $44! You will receive a full body analysis and detailed report, which will be thoroughly explained by our analysts for you greater understanding. In the presentation following your scan, you will learn about all the detail of your report and understand how to set goals based on your results. First timers will also take home a Comprehensive Interpretation Guide & Presentation pack. 

Also, SABA offers a discount for those wishing to partake in a secondary scan after 6 weeks. Join Funlife on the 6 week journey here – and see how a body scan analysis can change your perspective and help you change your body!

Head over to http://www.sabodyanalysis.com.au/ to check them out! Bookings at Funlife for the 17th of September can be made through this link. 

We hope to see you there!


All equipment is tested and tagged in accordance with AS 3760. Body scan analysts are thoroughly trained by Inbody SA 
and have police clearances. SABA is also fully insured. 
All information has been gathered from: http://www.sabodyanalysis.com.au/index.html


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