Protein Shakes come in very handy for meal replacements or losing weight.

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Protein Shakes come in very handy for meal replacements or losing weight.

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 If you don’t always have the time to sit down and have a high protein meal protein shakes come in very handy.

Besides for the convenience factor, there are many other benefits to protein shakes.  Without an adequate amount of protein, our bodies wouldn’t heal as quickly which could lead to overtraining and/or injury.

The most important time of day to have your Maxine’s Burn shake is right after training. This allows the fast absorption of protein into the muscles, healing the small tears in the muscle tissue which are occurred during training.  So why not have a solid meal instead? Solid food takes much longer to digest and break down the protein to send to the muscle; Maxine’s Burn will digest quickly and absorb into the muscle much sooner than what a meal would. You are also guaranteed plenty of vitamins, minerals and branch chain amino acids, all of which are in your Maxine’s shake.

Before bed you could have a protein shake along with some flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter. You are preparing your body to fast while sleeping so it is essential to have protein delivery throughout the night.   Adding some good fats will slow the absorption process down, allowing your body to receive the protein much longer.

All in all shakes are handy, convenient and Maxine’s Burn also tastes great. Have them as a snack in-between meals or while on the go. However remember most importantly, shakes should  revolve around your training routine.




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