Night time no-nos

Night time no-nos

September 17, 2015 Health sleep 0

Getting a good night’s sleep is on most people’s wish lists but sometimes you find yourself tossing and turning and waking up a sleep-deprived cranky mess the next day. Not anymore. We’ll talk you through mistakes to avoid before going to bed if you want to restful night.


Wired not tired

Avoid nasal decongestants and cold and flu medications that contain pseudoephedrine. This drug will cause you to be wired and alert rather than winding down.


Give Felix the flick

A study on sleep disorders revealed that 53 per cent of pet owners said their pet disturbed their sleep. Whether it is a bark fest, scratching, snoring or hogging the bed, beloved as they may be, having pets in your bedroom is no recipe for a sound night’s kip.


Nix the caffeine fix

Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant.  Even 6 hours before bedtime, caffeine can impact sleep. After lunch, skip coffee, energy drinks and cola, choose chamomile or lemon balm tea instead.


Facebook addiction

Hours spent tweeting and liking are hours not spent snoozing. Additionally, the light emitted from electronic devices is thought to disrupt circadian rhythms.



Drinking alcohol will definitely help you fall asleep, however, studies show that the second half of the night will be a little rocky, cutting into quality REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep – the restorative part of the sleeping cycle.


Assault the salt

Avoid pizzas, salted peanuts and chips at night. Salty food will make you thirsty. Then you’ll drink because you’re thirsty. Then you’ll wake up in order to go to the loo.


Sleep on it

Don’t choose the nighttime to have an argument with your boyfriend or bestie.  Getting upset and losing sleep will only make matters worse. Things always look rosier in the morning.


Hot stuff

Open your bedroom window, turn off the heater and switch off the electric blanket as soon as you hop into bed. Your deepest sleep is when your body is at its coolest. It’s easier to pull up an extra blanket in the middle of the night than it.


Scaredy cat

Don’t watch a horror movie or read that vampire thriller between the sheets. Overstimulating your mind with fearful fiction will likely cause nightmares rather than sweet dreams. Stick to English costume dramas, or the shopping channel.


Ban the buffet

A large meal before bedtime is a bad idea. The process of digestion uses up a lot of energy, and while the body is busy digesting, the mind finds it difficult to completely switch off. Eat no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.






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