HIIT Training: what it is & why you should be doing it!

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HIIT Training: what it is & why you should be doing it!

February 23, 2018 Cardio 0

What is HIIT training?

HIIT training is the new fitness craze: all the benefits of long-term aerobic exercise in a shorter time span! It stands for high-intensity interval training. Whilst it takes a shorter time – and you won’t need to schedule in long aerobic sessions – you will need to put in the effort for your high-intensity intervals, to really get that heart rate up and reap the benefits!

Usually, HIIT program follows a timed plan. A bout of high-intensity exercise, followed by slower or rest periods in between. Some examples of HIIT style workouts could include:

20 second sprint on the treadmill, followed by 40 seconds recovery.

45 seconds of Ab Bikes, followed by a 15 second rest.

45 seconds of Burpees, followed by a 30 second rest.

Benefits of HIIT Training…

Various studies have sought to uncover the benefits of HIIT training, and have shown that:

  • Keeps fat burning even after the workout is over!
  • Increases your metabolism.
  • Increase cardiovascular health.
  • Short sessions can be just as effective as longer traditional cardio sessions.
  • Movements work on your cardio as well as strength!

Furthermore, HIIT can be done with or without weights and/or workout equipment, meaning it can be completed anywhere and anytime!

For those looking for the more technical explanation, by pushing your body in the high-intensity periods, your muscles require greater amounts of oxygen. This deprivation of oxygen during your exercise, causes your body to yearn for more oxygen post-workout. This continues the fat-loss benefits even when you are finished working out. This phenomenon is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) which you can learn more about here.


When can I start?

Anyone can start HIIT training, but it is important to note that it is ‘high’ intensity. Some programs that you can find online may include lots of jumping, plyometric style movements, or sprinting, which may be a lot for someone just beginning their fitness journey. Make sure to listen to your body, and tailor anything you find on the internet to your own individual needs. If something is too hard, shorten the time intervals or lower the intensity a little (such as decreasing the treadmill speed or walking lunges instead of jumping lunges) to ensure you aren’t risking an injury!

To make sure you are doing your HIIT training the right way – join in one of our classes and see how it can benefit you!


Try HIIT training in some of our group classes:

Wednesday 6pm: HIIT Functional with Kelly

Includes a circuit style training program, with intervals of high intensity followed by periods of lower intensity/rests. Also incorporates our new functional training equipment including TRX bands!

Monday 6pm: Spin & Strength with Ben

Involves a bit of bike and a bit of burpees – Spin & Strength includes everything you want in a workout, exercising both your cardio endurance and muscle strength. 

Tuesday 6pm & Saturday 9:30am: Spin with Amanda

A fast-paced class on the bike, involving intervals of fast, quick sprints and slower, harder climbs – all whilst grooving along to your favourite songs!

Tuesday 7pm: HIIT Attack with Kelly

This class involves aerobics whilst also including strength-based movements for that all over cardio and strength workout!

Monday 6pm & Friday 6am: Power HIIT with Kelly

Involves using strength based body weight movements along with barbells and weights to push yourself to your limits!



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