Meet Our EP Team

Meet Our Exercise Physiology Team:

Co-Ordinator: Carol

Exercise Physiologists:


Lia graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2016. She is accredited with Exercise  and Sports Science Australia and has been working locally in Adelaide with a wide range of clients. 

Lia is passionate about educating and motivating people to take an active role in managing their  condition, and providing them with the resources to continue to improve their health and well-being.



Nathan completed his Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of South Australia in 2017. He has previously worked as a trainer of state level athletes in many sports (including soccer, athletics, football, netball, table tennis) and also has clinical experience working in private practice.

At Funlife Fitness Centre, Nathan is particularly interested in working with clients during injury rehabilitation and sport specific training, but has a wide range of skill across exercise physiology.  His personal interests include sports, body-building and travel. 



Claudia completed her Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree in 2018 through the University of South Australia and is accredited as an AEP with Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

Her main goal is motivating clients to get more movement into their day and encouraging them to take control in the management of their health conditions through exercise. She has a passion for working with disabilities and metabolic conditions.