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Exciting New Class – Traditional Boxing!

Traditional boxing is back at Funlife! There’s no denying it, boxing training not only works all parts of the body but also all aspects of fitness such as; Cardiovascular fitness, Muscular endurance, Muscular strength, Stamina, Co-ordination, and power. Perfect for those looking to lose weight, a football player wanting to increase stamina or a fitness…
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May 17, 2016 1

Funlife’s guide to pull ups

It’s true what they say: Practice really does make perfect. But practicing improper form is more likely to hinder pull-up performance than actually help, so anyone aiming to make their first pull-up a reality should begin by perfecting the proper form. The time has come, let’s get down to the business of perfecting the pull-up.…
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October 29, 2015 0

2015 NABBA/WFF Championships

The countdown is on! Just 8 weeks until the 2015 NABBA/WFF Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championships.   To join in on the action, follow the link below to the entry forms, complete and send them back to – or come in and see us at Funlife to deliver them yourself.   Best of luck to…
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July 23, 2015 0