Cant lose weight no matter what you do?

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Cant lose weight no matter what you do?

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Some things to consider if you feel the kilos are starting to creep on or the jeans are feeling a little tighter.

As we age, our metabolism begins to naturally slow down. When our metabolism decreases, our calorie intake must also decrease to compensate, or weight gain occurs. Another reason that weight increases with age is that we begin to lose muscle tissue. Anyone can acquire more muscle tissue with a good strength-training program, no matter what age!

Lack of exercise can be a big influence on weight gain. It is also a critical factor in maintaining your weight. Overweight individuals tend to be less physically active than their “normal weight” counterparts. Activity on some level is critical in keeping our metabolism elevated so we can burn more calories each day. Some exercises even help you burn more calories at rest.

 Whatever your age or ability we need to keep our bodies moving and as our fitness and strength improve we need to continue make new goals and work towards them.



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  1. Marty Herman says:

    Fantastic information and tips. Looking forward to lose a few extra pounds. I’ll deliver some feed-back after i try this. Thanks!

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