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Funlife Facebook Community

  Have you joined Funlife Fitness Centre’s Community Facebook Group? Our beloved staff members have created a group that allows trainers and members to have an open sharing platform on Facebook. This space is reserved for fitness tips, information on new classes, health and wellness ideas, food tricks and any and all fitness discussion –…
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December 13, 2018 0

Winter work out tips

You may be working your butt off during exercise, but did you know what you do before you even start has a lot to do with your success during your workout? Eating the right foods, doing the right stretches and even getting the right playlist to get you pumped will ensure that you will get…
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August 18, 2015 1

6 moves to make your Anzac march easier.

Our Exercise Physiologist Louanna has put together some simple steps and stretches to help you through Fridays Anzac Day march.   STANDING MARCHING Stand up tall with your feet shoulder width apart.  Lift one leg up (knee bent), hold for 5 seconds and then relax.  Ensure that your back stays straight during the exercise.  Try…
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April 23, 2014 0