4 things you should do now for your summer body

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4 things you should do now for your summer body

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We’re settling into one of the coldest winters yet,  the mornings have been freezing, as have the nights. It’s so easy to hit the snooze button on our alarms, to eat lots of warm comfort foods and let our training take a back seat to lazing on the lounge under a blanket. The problem with that is before we know it spring is upon us and we’ve stacked on way too much flab to fit into last year’s swimmers.


So how do you make sure that doesn’t happen?


Countdown to spring not summer

Goals are much easier to nail when we have a deadline, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Set yourself up a calendar or space where you can count down the number of days until the first day of spring. If you can see the days getting away from you, no doubt you will make each of them count!


Plan your meals

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but it should be a priority. Abs are made in the kitchen, so plan ahead. While it may be tempting to crawl up under a blanket and order a takeaway, you’ll pay for it later.


Have a program

Don’t let your training slide and get caught off guard by the arrival of warmer weather by setting yourself a good program to follow. For example, these colder months are the perfect time to focus on building some good, strong, lean muscle with lots of compound lifts (think dead lifts, squats, bench press and clean and press). Then when we’re about one month shy of spring, start incorporating a few more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions,  or come a long to a class – that will be sure to shed any excess fat.


Stay hydrated

We tend not to notice how little H2O we get into us over Winter. We still need lots to function properly, especially if you’re in an air-conditioned office all day. A lack of hydration can have some bad knock on effects that could be used as excuses not to train, like headaches, lethargy, poor concentration levels and thirst mistaken for hunger which can then lead to overeating.


Stay in control over winter with these tips, and come spring, you’ll be ready to show off that hard earned body!


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