10 ways to lighten up your cooking.

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10 ways to lighten up your cooking.

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1) Avoid rich sauces- for example with cream, butter or fatty gravy.

2) Avoid deep frying

3) Replace butter with a spray or brush of olive oil when pan frying. Use a non stick frying pan to avoid adding un neccessary oil.

4)Swap full cream dairy foods for low fat alternatives

5) Remove all visible fat from meat and skin from chicken before cooking.

6) Use mono-unsaturated oils for cooking and dressing (sparingly as they are still fat).

7) Make sandwhiches whithout butter or margarine.

8 ) Grill, roast, pan-fry, barbeque or casserole with little or no added oil or fat.

9) Place crumbed food on foil on a baking tray and bake in a  moderate oven until golden.

10) Pastry lovers, use filo pastry, brushed or sprayed with a little water before baking.


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